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Emma's Journal

Cuz Online Journals Rock

Emma Linell
Hey. I'm Emma Linell, in case you couldn't tell. I started a journal so I could post whatever without worrying that people from RL will read it, be it a personal thought or a yaoi story.

What else to say... My favorite holiday is Halloween, I like alt rock, metal, and some screamo music. I have plenty of pets, I couldn't live without the internet, and...

Oh! I have a list of my stories, under friend lock. If it's not at the top of my list cuz I decided to change the date so I don't have to check 'date out of order' for every one of my journal posts, just click the tag 'my stories'. K'? I've got a few Bleach stories along with my BtVS stories.

Feel free to message me if you wanna know something that my oh-so informative bio left out :P

Anyone who wants to can friend me, of course. As long as you have patience for random babbling and a sense of humor ;) Most of my stuff is under friend's lock. The only stuff you'll really get without friending me is my "Writer's Block" answers, which I love to answer just for the Hell of it. I'll probably friend you back, too.

Random Note of the Month: Now obsessed with The Vampire Diaries (TV series). Stefan and Damon are so hot together!